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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Idealists and Idealism!

Idealism is often associated with the youth. It is a belief that perfection and principles are realistic and attainable. Why it is often associated with the younger generation is for reasons not without basis. Many individuals, as they grow older become too tempered by experiences that tend to compromise principles associated with values and perfection. Thus, we often hear the justifications, “to err is but human, and to forgive is Divine.” Whether or not the saying is used appropriately in different situations to justify mischiefs , is for you to interpret, judge, reject or accept. But, one thing is sure. Idealism is something that is good, and is probably there, because the youthful mind is less corrupted by compromising human experiences that values highly, “expediency” over “principles”, that demand things to be earned the hard and better way. People of age therefore, who share the idealism of the youth, remain forever young at heart and have dispositions worthy of emulation. Noteworthy to consider is the fact that compromises are often sub-optimal. They fail to satisfy both ends of the bargaining table, and at best, provide a middle ground that is ephemeral in nature. Youthful idealism, therefore is not without basis, especially when pursued peacefully in search for excellence in performance and achievements, in lieu of mediocrity.
Written by: Sanoy C. Suerte, RME /MBM;

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