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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wiser than human wisdom! Stronger than human strength!Cor.1:17-25

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A small "p" is beautiful...affordable!

A small “p” is beautiful…affordable!
Prices of almost everything around us have increased. The gasoline that we buy for our cars, the food that we eat, the clothing that we wear, the gas that we use for cooking, the prices of services, prices of almost anything that we can think of. Even the smiles that we hope to see from our friends and people around us may have practically diminished due to the many more problems that almost everybody is facing with the tightening up of the whole economy. More and more people are having less and less commodities, I believe, based on what is happening around us, particularly the increasing unemployment and under employment rate. This however, does not necessarily mean having less and less in life, as the air, love and care around us continue to be in abundance.

In view of all these things, I should say, that small has become more beautiful these days, and affordable, too. The fact is that there are items that we really need, like the food items at the grocery stores, the many other household necessities, health care, etc., etc. No matter, what the prices of goods are, you still need them, and when there are no substitutes, all the more you need to stick to a particular item, but perhaps much lesser in quantity at any given time, or small packs at a time.

There is much wisdom for business, therefore to make small and beautiful repackaging of their usual bulk sizes of goods and commodities, so they continue to be affordable to the common man. For a business to recognize this, it would mean operating more years ahead into the future. It even is a form of a corporate social responsibility in some ways. By making small beautiful packages, making affordable certain products, they enable the goods and services that are needed to be acquired, within the reach of a greater number of people. This , too goes back to business in a form of revenue cushion effect. Business may have slowed down with declining revenues, but still it is there for the long-term, as the population continues to increase, assuming that population growth, being a major economic factor has not been stopped or is not in the negative growth level. Can you imagine what would happen to an economy, when there are no more people buying goods and services, because they have gone old or are declining in number towards extinction like the several protected animal, birds or plant species we often hear about? Businesses need buyers of their goods and services! Without a growing populace, who would buy from businesses? Naturally, eventually none! No wonder, the Church is very much against population negative growth rate, and much in favor of population increase at a controlled progression. Shouldn’t businesses therefore support the Church on this?

It is still true that there is strength in number. A family or a country, therefore that has the numbers would eventually have more working hands, and would help strengthen the economy. Let business therefore adopt this perspective in the long term and let businesses and countries survive a hundred more years or so! Amazingly, the mandate of “…go out and multiply, still is ever true to date! Over populating the earth is not a thing to worry about. It really is depopulating the earth that is going to be a threat to businesses and the future. The natural check and balance of nature will take its own accord in the long run, and man’s extinction is prevented by a controlled increase in population, not depopulation. It is good for businesses, and the more hands and brains that continue to be available with an increasing population and continual rejuvenation of mankind, should be used and guided accordingly to make the much needed contributions in keeping the economy and businesses move forward. Let this idea therefore change the paradigm of every business enterprise and organizations for the future.

Posted by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM; ;; ;;

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Believing and having Faith in God’s healing power!

Believing and having Faith in God’s healing power!
In the past, I have attended and have also watched on television sets Prayer Rallies for the healing of the sick, and I saw some people claimed that they were healed. The lame were able to walk, people fell asleep in prayer (termed “slain” sometimes), and others say they experience an unexplained kind of peace from within. I do believe there is that power in God to heal people, but whether or not those who were healed in prayer rallies were truly healed always cast some doubts to observers and spectators alike, since the feeling of healing is experienced only by the person who got healed, plus the possibility of someone being a prop or was just put up by some enterprising persons.

I can tell you however, that when you experience yourself the healing power of God, there is no way that you would not believe and talk about it. In the first place, belief is required in order to be healed. Unless you do believe that you can be healed by God, I don’t see how it can happen to you that you be healed. I was sick at one point in time for several days, and I decided to call on the healing power of God on myself, and almost instantaneously, believing on the promises of Psalm 91, I got what I asked for. In my prayer to God, I requested that I be healed, as if it was the time when Christ was doing his public life on earth, wherein people were instantly cured, and I was healed.

Do you want to experience the same healing power of God? Pray and ask for it unceasingly, and believe in what God can do to you. Ask for the forgiveness of your sins and believe that you can be healed, and amen I say to you, that you will be healed instantly and permanently.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ;

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Publishing blogs and comments

Great blogs, if truly relevant to your concerns and interests,
deserve to be published for posterity /or remembered thru time. Let me know
what it is that you liked most (as a subscriber), among the blogs we have
covered, so we can improve on future works to consider your needs and comments.

Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;;

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Daily Routine of Church Attendance.....

The Daily Routine of Church Attendance is Not Enough! Have Faith in God’s Plans…

When we speak of a routine, it means, it is done repetitively on a regular basis. It could be daily , weekly, monthly, etc. It can be something done in a usual way. It is the normal thing for a person to do on a particular time slot or span/period of time. In the process, there is a risk that things, become purely mechanistic and done with little thoughts, commitment, and presence of mind and heart. In some cases, it becomes memorization without understanding or reflection of what is being said. It is true in prayers that have been pre-written and memorized. It is true with songs and poetry reading without understanding. The feeling or spirit of the statement is lost. It becomes like a broken record. A parrot-like action or gesture. A mere mechanical movement. It is sad to note , therefore that we see this everyday thing happen. People for example make a daily routine to Church services attendance, presumably to talk to his God; to pray; to nurture and learn what is Faith, Hope and Love. And yet, when the test of time comes, we see and realize that there is a glaring lack of Faith, Hope and Love, if not total absence. There can even be a discovery that there is lack of understanding of a relationship with God. Isn’t it time for us to examine ourselves on this matter? Are we doing things mechanically? Do we really have the true Faith in God that we need to have?- the commitment in belief and Hope that God Who is all knowing, forever present, and all Powerful is our ultimate refuge and caregiver. That, His saving grace, and Love for us will always be there? Many break down at the test of Faith in God’s Loving care. We tend to command God to act in accordance to what our wishes are, and not rely on His plans for us. We were told not to worry about the material things in this world. That God has always provided for even the least of His creatures has already been taught and promised to us. That even the grass, the flowers and the birds have been provided. How much more for us?-the creatures that were made in His image and likeness. Have Faith my friends. Have Hope in God’s saving mercy, and be filled with His great Love. Worry not for the material things of this world, for they will be provided according to our needs in due time. God is always on time. He is never late nor negligent. Just toil, as we were ordered, after the fall of Adam & Eve…. The rest, should then be left to God’s discretion. So, when you make your next prayer, your next church service, your next visit to the Church, make sure you understand what you are doing. That you put things with proper thoughts and presence of mind and body. That you don’t command God to do as you wish, like asking from the genie of Alladin and his lamp. Pray and ask humbly, and tell God that you have your wants and wishes, but His will will always be done.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ;

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who is my brother? Who is my mother?

Who is my brother? Who is my mother?
In one of the situations in the life of Jesus Christ, He was busy one day lecturing to the people, who was either following him or just plainly being curious and inquisitive. Then, He was told that His mother and brothers were outside the room where he was and was seeking out for Him? Then the account in the Bible, indicated that Christ looked towards everybody and asked them, “Who is my brother? Who is my mother?” The pre-condition then given was that, whoever does the things or tasks given by His Father in heaven, are His brothers, and mother.

Mankind obviously is a big family. They are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers to each other. Man has been exhorted to love one another, and love each other as one loves himself… “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” –says the commandment. In everything we do, we therefore need to consider this; and remember, the brotherhood of men always transcends the sovereignty of nations…and that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ; ;

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank You Lord!

Thank You Lord!
Now that this blog is back, we wish to thank everybody responsible for its recovery. Above all, we thank the Lord for all His goodness and never fading love and kindness to his children. God always provides and arranges the things that we need. He does things in His time, and is never late. He is always on time.