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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Believing and having Faith in God’s healing power!

Believing and having Faith in God’s healing power!
In the past, I have attended and have also watched on television sets Prayer Rallies for the healing of the sick, and I saw some people claimed that they were healed. The lame were able to walk, people fell asleep in prayer (termed “slain” sometimes), and others say they experience an unexplained kind of peace from within. I do believe there is that power in God to heal people, but whether or not those who were healed in prayer rallies were truly healed always cast some doubts to observers and spectators alike, since the feeling of healing is experienced only by the person who got healed, plus the possibility of someone being a prop or was just put up by some enterprising persons.

I can tell you however, that when you experience yourself the healing power of God, there is no way that you would not believe and talk about it. In the first place, belief is required in order to be healed. Unless you do believe that you can be healed by God, I don’t see how it can happen to you that you be healed. I was sick at one point in time for several days, and I decided to call on the healing power of God on myself, and almost instantaneously, believing on the promises of Psalm 91, I got what I asked for. In my prayer to God, I requested that I be healed, as if it was the time when Christ was doing his public life on earth, wherein people were instantly cured, and I was healed.

Do you want to experience the same healing power of God? Pray and ask for it unceasingly, and believe in what God can do to you. Ask for the forgiveness of your sins and believe that you can be healed, and amen I say to you, that you will be healed instantly and permanently.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ;

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