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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


GrowingUp the Leaders of Tomorrow:
Insights for everyday living and Leadership preparations in business management .
Author: Sanoy C. Suerte, RME/MBM
Vol.1, November 2009

This tract is written and dedicated to young people, ages 16-40 years old, who are paving their way to become leaders and managers of business today and in the not so distant future ahead of them. People, who may have the early encounter and inclination towards the call of business as a youngster, or student and college graduates/non-graduates alike, who have decided to explore the world of business and necessarily the principles of management that go right along with it. This mini-book is only one of a series to be written in several volumes, similar to an ongoing compilation of articles, written by an author for different fora to help build a new generation of well balanced, humane oriented management and business practitioners, highly aware of the needs of the common man and society in general for sustainable development, and sound business principles. Being more of a compilation of important thoughts and philosophies than a normal standard pedagogical textual material, the series is arranged more liberally as a loose compilation of wisdom, purposely deviating from the normal logic of the common text book type of organization. May the younger generation continue to build a better society than they have found it.

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