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Friday, December 11, 2009

Listening! Love of Organization!

Listening is a virtue that a leader should have to save a debacle perhaps, especially when nothing seemed to work in the past. The leader always sets the tone, and if things become ineffective, it is the leader’s responsibility to get things right and put matters back on track. Equally, the other members of the group should exercise their “loyal opposition” if they must. Quoting Galbraith, I must say, I totally agree with him under these circumstances, when he said: “These are the days when men of all social disciplines and all political faiths seek the comfortable and the accepted; when the man of controversy is looked upon as a disturbing influence; when originality is taken to be a mark of instability; and when, in minor modification of the scriptural parable, the bland lead the bland.” -J. K. Galbraith (1908 - 2006)-a Canadian-born U.S. economist.

Let’s love our respective organizations, and change how things are for the better, if they are not as they should be; when things are going haywire and there is something we can contribute; when our ideas are better, than what is laid on the table,- demanding to have the scrutiny it deserves; when the call for professionalism has been sounded by things that are not right; when pulling our heads together to arrive at the best ideas, more superior than the one at the table is being sought; when everything around us are in turmoil, and only a better idea can save the day for the greater majority, including the industry and the economy, where we are rightly situated to act and contribute our own ideas and talents. Please take note that knowledge is not a monopoly of one man or a few. That’s one reason, the very thing called organization, companies, groups, and teams have always been needed to exist among our midst. This we call a real need for teamwork!
Written by: Sanoy C. Suerte, RME /MBM; Http://

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