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Monday, October 19, 2009

Growing Up! Success in Life!

Growing Up and Success in Life!
As we grow up, we often get advices about living, about success, and about many things in life, from parents, teachers and mentors. Life is how you make it, is what some would get as an advice. How do you ensure success then in what you do? And how do you make a successful life? Well, many advices had been uttered in this regard, and always as ever, the very first questions on where you are intending to go, and where you are now, are discussed at the very first tee? For one to be successful, one must therefore know what he/she is trying to achieve. Have you heard this before? True. Without knowing your target end state, you can never know, and measure your success. I mean real success. Knowing where you intend to go, would help you measure, how far or nearer you are to that point of destination. Then, you know, whether you are progressing, succeeding or stagnating.

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