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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Growing! Learning!

Growing Up and learning!
Growing up should be accompanied by learning. Learning enables survival. As the world around us becomes more sophisticated, all the more we need to learn many things. Learning, however should start within our closest or nearest sphere of influence. One of these is our very own lifestyle and our very own self. Do you know that a poor lifestyle could be the cause of some of our health problems? From one health magazine, that I came across with, it was highlighted that excessive weight alone can be responsible for painful knees, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, etc. , and we know that weight gain could result from too much and poor quality of food intake. Do we then, spend some time to learn more about healthy eating? We should! By learning more about health, healthy eating, nutrition, food supplementation, and following a good lifestyle of work and rest, we start to feel better and enjoy more things made available to us by the Supreme Being.

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