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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Daily Routine of Church Attendance.....

The Daily Routine of Church Attendance is Not Enough! Have Faith in God’s Plans…

When we speak of a routine, it means, it is done repetitively on a regular basis. It could be daily , weekly, monthly, etc. It can be something done in a usual way. It is the normal thing for a person to do on a particular time slot or span/period of time. In the process, there is a risk that things, become purely mechanistic and done with little thoughts, commitment, and presence of mind and heart. In some cases, it becomes memorization without understanding or reflection of what is being said. It is true in prayers that have been pre-written and memorized. It is true with songs and poetry reading without understanding. The feeling or spirit of the statement is lost. It becomes like a broken record. A parrot-like action or gesture. A mere mechanical movement. It is sad to note , therefore that we see this everyday thing happen. People for example make a daily routine to Church services attendance, presumably to talk to his God; to pray; to nurture and learn what is Faith, Hope and Love. And yet, when the test of time comes, we see and realize that there is a glaring lack of Faith, Hope and Love, if not total absence. There can even be a discovery that there is lack of understanding of a relationship with God. Isn’t it time for us to examine ourselves on this matter? Are we doing things mechanically? Do we really have the true Faith in God that we need to have?- the commitment in belief and Hope that God Who is all knowing, forever present, and all Powerful is our ultimate refuge and caregiver. That, His saving grace, and Love for us will always be there? Many break down at the test of Faith in God’s Loving care. We tend to command God to act in accordance to what our wishes are, and not rely on His plans for us. We were told not to worry about the material things in this world. That God has always provided for even the least of His creatures has already been taught and promised to us. That even the grass, the flowers and the birds have been provided. How much more for us?-the creatures that were made in His image and likeness. Have Faith my friends. Have Hope in God’s saving mercy, and be filled with His great Love. Worry not for the material things of this world, for they will be provided according to our needs in due time. God is always on time. He is never late nor negligent. Just toil, as we were ordered, after the fall of Adam & Eve…. The rest, should then be left to God’s discretion. So, when you make your next prayer, your next church service, your next visit to the Church, make sure you understand what you are doing. That you put things with proper thoughts and presence of mind and body. That you don’t command God to do as you wish, like asking from the genie of Alladin and his lamp. Pray and ask humbly, and tell God that you have your wants and wishes, but His will will always be done.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ;

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