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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who is my brother? Who is my mother?

Who is my brother? Who is my mother?
In one of the situations in the life of Jesus Christ, He was busy one day lecturing to the people, who was either following him or just plainly being curious and inquisitive. Then, He was told that His mother and brothers were outside the room where he was and was seeking out for Him? Then the account in the Bible, indicated that Christ looked towards everybody and asked them, “Who is my brother? Who is my mother?” The pre-condition then given was that, whoever does the things or tasks given by His Father in heaven, are His brothers, and mother.

Mankind obviously is a big family. They are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers to each other. Man has been exhorted to love one another, and love each other as one loves himself… “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” –says the commandment. In everything we do, we therefore need to consider this; and remember, the brotherhood of men always transcends the sovereignty of nations…and that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ; ;

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