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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How kids learn…don’t relinquish your parental roles…

How kids learn…don’t relinquish your parental roles…
We often pride ourselves with our efforts to educate our kids, and we do our best to send them to schools that are known for their good facilities and excellent credentials of teachers/professors. There are things, that we should take note in this regard, however. I noted that in some schools, if not all, the influence of peers and peer pressures play a lot. Children do not learn only from their teachers and school administrators. They also learn from all the people around them. In fact, in many cases, children learn more from their classmates and schoolmates than from their teachers, when it comes to socialization, and human inter-action. Teachers normally stay within their subject matter, and spend little time on the personal relations of kids. Besides, there is only one teacher for several kids during classes. They are busy, too and they have their own problems as well. No wonder, the peer pressures and influences of people around them and outside the classrooms are playing a greater role in their learning process. Do we have programs in the school campuses that help our kids develop good characters? I think so. The supervision and discipline of kids as practiced before, however, have changed a lot. I went to a sectarian school from elementary school through college, and I noticed, that the kind of school supervision over the students, have mellowed down over the years. In one PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) meeting I attended as a parent, I learned from the school administrators that they believe the kids will soar to greater heights with the removal of the old school ways, and giving the kids more freedom. Are we finding these principles more effective and more sound than the old ways? I don’t think so. I think, we have produced just as good students before, as we have them now, if not better. In view of this, I believe that values and character training should more be developed stronger at home now than in school. If kids have the proper rearing at home, and if parents spend more time with their kids, they would more likely withstand the inappropriate influences outside the home. The school as many have thought of before, is not the main place of character development support for kids under the present scenario. Parents now have more to do with kids than what it used to be. Parents should therefore not relinquish parental roles to educational institutions. People there are just as busy as parents are.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;; ; ; ;

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