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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Achieving Plans and Goals!

Achieving Plans and Goals!
There are times when our planned activities for the day get off tracked, because of so many distractions. I remember my former senior officer telling me not to entertain every walked-in subordinate, and to schedule my meetings with them. That is somewhat ideal actually in favor of time management, but just make sure, you do not put off certain meetings with subordinates, when you know these are about matters that can’t wait. It is normal that plans get off tracked everyday, especially when many people want to get hold of you being around for a meeting. Eventually, however, you would recognize a pattern of events. As you see, there are patterns as always in almost all events. As others would say, “there is order in chaos, somehow.” It actually depends from what stand point you are viewing the situation. So what is the next thing to do then? Just keep correcting your course like a ship or a plane. As you are being drawn off tracked, you must correct your course to be back on track and never lose sight of your objectives. Then plan better in such a way as to consider every distraction that could be ahead of you. Soon, you will have a better handle of things. Not perfectly always at first, but much better than before, until things get better accomplished. Just don’t set your goals unrealistically. As you gain more expertise in anticipating things, you will always achieve your daily goals.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;;;

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