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Monday, November 23, 2009

The right attitude!

Developing the right attitude!
Why do people enjoy their jobs and others do not? Well, there could be many reasons behind this, and among them can be disillusionment with the system, credibility of the leaders, absence of real opportunities, health reasons, politics, friendships, adversaries , and many more. Some people are just not cut for the kind of environment that they are in at a particular time, or at the changes that are unfolding as they understand more the directions of the organization or the system. Under such conditions, one may or may not survive the job tenure and longevity, depending upon the attitude of the individual concerned. What is that ‘right’ attitude, then? It is a matched feeling towards what is happening in the system and one’s environment. When there is a mismatched situation, one can be facing to either adapt or adjust with the environment, or get out of the system outright. The determinant of this actually is the value system of the person involved. What comes to his mind as most important, and things that he believes are of great value to him at the very moment of the test will matter the most. Developing the right attitude, therefore can not be necessarily a static thing. It is highly dynamic and circumstantial. One may decide to be indifferent to certain things and to a certain extent, but when the time comes that the value system of a person is breached, some individuals just go overboard, and refuse to let go of their value system.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM; Http://;

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