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Monday, November 16, 2009

Prayer and inner Peace!

Approaching God in Prayer and inner Peace!
Man needs to approach God from time to time. It is necessary. You may not realize it sometimes, but having a regular schedule everyday for this is good and helpful for everyone. Doing so, enables you to attain peace of mind. Do you want to enjoy peace of mind? Try doing your prayer time more regularly. Set a quality time to talk and listen to God almighty on a regular basis, if you have not done this yet.

Do you remember God only, when you are in deep trouble? Or only, when it is convenient for you? Well, please don’t. It helps you a lot when you have a more regular quality time talking and listening to each other, just like having it as a family affair, where husbands need to talk to wives regularly, and children need to talk to parents regularly and vise versa. You don’t have to believe my words for it. Just try your best to do it and see for yourself ,how you transform your life and family.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte- RME/MBM;

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