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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obedience for growing kids!

Why is obedience important for growing kids?
There is a tacit assumption in the principle of obedience of kids to their parents. First, it is assumed that parents know better than kids, being exposed to a lot more experiences, and being older, too. Also, that kids may not have enough experience in decision making, and insights on the consequences of their choices. When kids, however outgrow their parents, become abled entities to handle the processing of information, then and only then should they consider choices with less parental guidance. Presumably, this happens upon reaching the age of independence. Be aware , however that assuming on the basis of age alone, is no guarantee at all of a correct decision or that the right choices are made, since some people do not grow in experience and maturity in phase with their biological age. Notably too, we need to continue to consult other people, particularly the people, who are more knowledgeable about something of interest, even at our ripe age of independent decision making. Nevertheless, obedience of growing kids is still something that has greater importance and some virtue in it. It is a training for kids on the recognition of people in authority , and an expression of consideration and love for parents or elders, too.

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