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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Culture and Details!

Learning the culture of others and important details!
Before you visit another country, it pays to learn as much information as you can about the country. This includes, simple courtesies, and friendly gestures, as well as knowing which things to avoid doing. Take for example, removing your shoes at the door steps of a Japanese house or a special section in a Japanese restaurant. Not all countries practice this. Where you do not know what is acceptable and what is not, you risk offending your hosts or create an impression of being rude. Such situations are sometimes remediable, particularly so, when someone with you, gives the cue or tell you about what is right and proper manners. But, what about not knowing the correct atmospheric temperature at your place of destination? Well, if you do commit a mistake of that sort, and it is winter time, you certainly end up being out there in the cold; not only figuratively, but literally and physically. So, whenever you travel, take time to check some details about your point of destination and learn as much as you can. It is one way to avoid unpleasant surprises, too. It’s part of growing up , you know.
Written by: Sanoy Suerte, RME/MBM;

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